Suspension of disbelief

I want to be an illustrator. How nice. From where I’m sitting as I’m writing this that seems to be as feasible as the existence of the kobolds and pixies I might end up painting. Well I want to illustrate regardless, guess I have to figure something out.

So after a lot of scheming, plotting, planning and discarding schemes, plots and plans I decided to take a year and just pretend to be an illustrator already. Hopefully somewhere along the line I will magically transform into one. The magic in this case being hard work.

So this year I’m going to spend on getting a portfolio together, entering competitions and what have you to get accustomed to working within time limits and briefs. Who knows.

2 thoughts on “Suspension of disbelief

  1. Louis-Philippe

    Hey there Michelle! We spoke on WipNation earlier today. Exchanged messages would actually be more accurate.

    I just want to send you my liveliest and most heartfelt encouragements on your endeavor. I’ve been making a living drawing for a couple of years now and I can honestly say there’s nothing more beautiful in the world.

    If I could give you some advice, I’d simply tell you this: Make a rough plan of what your future dream portfolio looks like. Make a list of the pieces you see in there. (Make sure the series represents your “dream assignment”, it doesn’t even have to feel like work!) And most importantly DRAW and PAINT as MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN.

    Paint. Fail. Learn. Start over. GO for it.

    It will be discouraging but remember, everything is hard before it gets easy. There’s no shortcut.


    Keep it up!

    1. mdlillustration Post author

      Thank you for the best inaugural comment on my blog I could ever hope for! Very nice to hear from someone who is quite a bit further along then me. I didn’t see you had a blog, I’ll put you in rss reader.
      I have quite a few rough sketches and ideas lined up for a first portfolio and more ideas pretty much everyday. I can’t paint fast enough to keep up šŸ˜‰ There’s this poster somewhere on the internet which has the word gap in very big letters on the top and then goes on to explain that most people have an idea of what they would like to be able to paint but most get discouraged by their current abilities but if you keep going you will eventually bridge that gap. Simply fill the gap with a million paintings šŸ™‚ So whenever I feel I’m messing up, that’s what I think of. Gap gap gap
      Thanks again and all the best,



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