This is my version of Lyssa for the evolution challenge on Artorder/ Wipnation for Blackgate magazine

A young female human wizard with black hair who always wears white trimmed in gold.

The challenge
All the submitted pieces

Have a look over there if you haven’t already because there are some pretty amazing Lyssas on there. For me personally I liked the idea that Lyssa was a child and that she’s still learning and struggling with her weapon of choice, kinda like me at this point. Hope me and her get to evolve somewhere good too.



4 thoughts on “Evolution

    1. mdlillustration Post author

      Thank you again. I wish I could somehow post the original original on the interwebz, and I wonder if you’d still like it 😉 My scanner pretty much destroyed the lighting I had in here and Gimp and a little packard bell notebook really aren’t the tools of choice when colour correcting.

  1. Cindy D.

    This is really great! The determination on her face and the light streaming in, all really cool. Also, thanks to you I ended up checking out all the entries (I had never heard of that site) and wow! So much great stuff. I think too many of the winning entries wereoverly polished-traditional fantasy-digital realistic types. Yours stood out because the style is very different and I think you created a great atmosphere in your entry.

    1. mdlillustration Post author

      Thank you, now I feel like a winnner! I have to say that site can be pretty intimidating because there are so many awesome artists on there but yes they do all tend towards polished 🙂 For me a little bit more polish wouldn’t be a bad thing though and it really helps me to just go for it and strive to do my best when I look at all that great stuff. Go for it if there’s a challenge you like, they can do with a few more curvey odd balls out 😉 I looked at your entry for IF this week and that’s a nice style you’ve got.


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