Acrylic painting on A4 Paper, selfportrait

Here’s another one for Illustration Friday. The word of the week was capable and I went for the angle capable of making choices. So that’s me all tangled up in a bunch of ropes wondering wether or not I should use that knife or not.
I’m reasonable happy with it so far 🙂 It really helped having a good reference photo for once. I have to say it’s quite hard trying to take photo’s with one hand, holding a knife in the other all the while trying not to look crosseyed or too homicidal maniac like. The expression was important to me and though I didn’t get it quite right( in the photo I look less worried) in the painting it’s still close enough to what I was shooting for. Would like to finish this one off more but… after a month of scouring the job adds I finally have a job, possibly two, and I’m not sure how much daylight I have left to paint in so we’ll see.

Edit: updated with a more finished scanned version

4 thoughts on “Capable

  1. TMartin

    What a fabulous painting! Great colors, and great drama. Bravo on your successful reference photo. Sometimes I have to take several of different “parts” and put them together,,,,

    1. mdlillustration Post author

      Aw thank you 🙂 yes I often have to do that too and I end up with all sorts of weirdness I did not intend. It especially helps with lighting if everything is just simply in one pic. I often go to deviantart for the stockgallery and there are some amazing photos there but I always end up cutting and pasting.


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