Last month and the next one 2

Another month is gone and we’re well in to the next one, time flies it seems.

I’ve moved! After a lot of packing and unpacking boxes I’m now sitting at a desk that’s twice the size of what I was using before( old doors have their uses)and it stands next to a window which gets daylight and everything. Actual daylight, wow! If I want to I can just leave all the paints, pens and pencils right where I left them! Brilliant! Insert many many exclamation marks and smiley faces.

I mentioned I submitted my concept for a D&D Mugg and I’m glad I did because I get to participate! Now it’s time to keep a close eye on the mail and take it from there. Eeks

There’s a new challenge on Artorder and it’s a pretty cool one but before I start thinking too much about that I first want to finish off all the bits and bobs I couldn’t quite finish before. I found out that I really much prefer to finish a painting over several days in a row or even in one sitting if possible. If I have to leave a painting for more than a week I find it pretty hard to remember what I had in mind when it comes to lighting, colours and how to mix the paint. My best guess is it’s just one of those things that gets easier if you need to do it more often.. One of these little things that make it irksome is that the acrylics I use dry up a little differently than what they look like wet which isn’t much of a problem when you work on something continuously but it is to me when there’s too much of a gap between sittings. Winsor &Newton have range which doesn’t have this problem apparently and once I have some money to spend on supplies I think I’m going to try them out.

So this month: new slate on my new shiny desk!

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