Flint the finished


Once upon a time there was a post on Artorder asking for participants to do up some Muggs as DnD characters.I sent in this sketch and before I knew it I recieved a doll. As promised I wrote down my process.

This is what happened next.

I had a bit of a surprise when I first opened the package; the mugg had been assembled from different parts. As you can see on the photo the body and legs have a much more shiny  finish than the head and best of all the arms are green. Very Frankenstein indeed.

First thing to do was make the surface ready for painting so I sanded all the shiny bits lightly and gave then entire Mugg a bit of a wash to get rid of any thing that would keep the paint from sticking.

I had decided to do the wood version because I think it works best with the Mugg. To start off I painted the entire Mugg an even color with a few coats of acrylic paint. No more hulkish zombie arms!

Now it was time to transfer the design on the mugg. I used pastels to draw onto the doll. This worked quite well, though even with soft pastels it proved very easy to scratch the paint so pressing very gently was needed. To erase a line I used a brush with a bit of water to get rid of it when I made a mistake.

When I was happy with what I had I used a fixation spray to fix it. I was happy to see that the design worked well on the doll and it turned out nice and chunky. Now I was ready to start painting.

For the most part I used thin watered down layers of paint. I started to follow the pastel lines first so I wouldn’t lose the design, fixation spray only protects so much, gradually adding more color.

I hadn’t really given much thought yet to whether I wanted to go for a freshly cut wooden doll or an old one because I figured that would be easier decided on the go. I started out fairly light but I noticed that from a little distance there wasn’t enough contrast to show the design so I went for the darker, more worn look.

Every now and then I noticed the paint just wouldn’t take and I knew it was time to gently give the whole thing a bit of a wipe with some hand soap to get the grease from my fingers off the surface.

Gradually it started to look more and more finished until I reached the point  it all seemed to come together. I could probably have fiddled around for another week if I wanted to however I don’t think I would have improved much on what I already had. So all that was left to do is varnishing everything to protect the paint.

Packed him back in his box and send him off to play with his plastic friends. All things considered it was a fairly straight forward job since I didn’t add any extra bits and could simply focus on painting. I had a good time working on Flint though I might stick to painting flat things from now on!

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