Still there

Still There – watercolour and pen on paper

Small watercolour painting of a young blond woman peeking through her hands trying to find out if the little guys that live in her pantry had enough time to find a hiding place.

The stock photo I used is from Phoeeb

I felt like painting something but didn’t really know what and then I remembered this photo. I started with that and apart from sketching in the shelves I figured out the rest while painting. This explains the difference in realism between the woman and the rest which was not intentional but I quite like it. Improvising also has a downside; please don’t mention the teapot :s

Me, I’m also still here but not in any cupboard or pantry. I’m stashed away on a boat for a little while house/boat sitting while the owners are on holiday. Very nice if a bit wobbly.

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