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The laryphone

I completely missed last week but yes, I have returned.

The theme of this week for Illustration Friday is vocal and as usual there are many directions you could take. My rather sketchy illustration is a concept for a microphone based on the human larynx. The larynx or voicebox is a part of our throat that enables you to breathe, swallow, talk and sing and it looks rather stylish in anatomical drawings.

What was to be the shades

For illustration Friday. Different shades of green on a fan.
I keep getting ideas for IF that would take me much more than a week to finish. So they go on the todo list.

I’m rapidly running out of things to paint on, this is on a page from a moleskin sketchbook I have lying around and never ever use. I want to save the bigger format paper for some other things so until I can afford to buy some more I’m going to have to get inventive!

Flint the Mugg

Meet my Mugg*!
This is Flint Fireforge a hill dwarf and a character from Dragonlance Dungeons and Dragons Here’s a bit of a bio
I decided on this here gentleman because he’s a dwarf and that is much easier to transfer on to a Mugg than say an elf. Flint in particular was interesting because it is mentioned that he likes carving toys.
The arm you can see on the right shows another idea I have of doing the same design but with a wood finish as if it is guess what, a wooden toy. Not sure which one I like best. The whole sketch is done in coloured pencils. I found it difficult to figure out the curve of the head and what would be visible from which angle to be on the safe side I put everything in the front view so if I do get to do a real one( as if!) I won’t come up with too much of a nasty surprise if it’s much flatter than I thought. With that in mind I didn’t get too detailed either because I can’t really judge how much detail is possible on these Muggsters. I didn’t add any extra bits and pieces because even though I thought it was pretty hard I did have fun trying to figure out how I would have to paint it to make it look convincing on all sides. It reminded me of tring to do anything decent with easter egg painting but without having the benefit of a head shaped egg handy.

Why am I doing this again?

I said briefly earlier that I wasn’t sure if I was going to submit anything but I’m glad I did and because of the detour I made I ended up not with one but with two nice looking pieces 🙂 Meet Flint number two:


*This is the painting I’ve been doing while thinking my way through Muggs. He’s not quite finished yet and there are some issues I’m not sure I will be able to fix( blasted hand and boots!) but in general I really like it and it helped for me to seperate finding out what kind of outfit I wanted and solving that more or less in here. I don’t think he looks very D&Dish though I went slightly in the direction of 4th edition thingies in the beard and stuff. I’m just not familiar enough with D&D imagery. I played it a few times but I never looked at the books much.

So there you have it Muggs!

What on earth is a Mugg? Mighty Muggs are a vinyl–plastic collectible toy series made by Hasbro. The toys resemble super deformed versions of characters from the following franchises: Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Indiana Jones, G.I. Joe, and Transformers. There is a line of smaller figures, called Mini Muggs, as well as blank Mighty Muggs for customization. A full length film is in development with Easy Films. The line has been commercially discontinued, but certain retailers receive exclusive ‘continuation’ lines, and Comic-Con International 2011 has an exclusive Avengers line.



Acrylic painting on A4 Paper, selfportrait

Here’s another one for Illustration Friday. The word of the week was capable and I went for the angle capable of making choices. So that’s me all tangled up in a bunch of ropes wondering wether or not I should use that knife or not.
I’m reasonable happy with it so far 🙂 It really helped having a good reference photo for once. I have to say it’s quite hard trying to take photo’s with one hand, holding a knife in the other all the while trying not to look crosseyed or too homicidal maniac like. The expression was important to me and though I didn’t get it quite right( in the photo I look less worried) in the painting it’s still close enough to what I was shooting for. Would like to finish this one off more but… after a month of scouring the job adds I finally have a job, possibly two, and I’m not sure how much daylight I have left to paint in so we’ll see.

Edit: updated with a more finished scanned version

The Sleeping Goblin Guard

A sleeping goblin guard - Acrylic paint on A4 paper.

Here’s a little painting I did this week of a goblin guard who fell asleep on his watch. I like the general atmosphere and I don’t feel too many weird errors have crept in. The rats are my favourite( as always) not only because I like rats but because it was so easy. Didn’t even do a sketch or something I just painted it on. Not something I would do normally but after having had rats for several years I feel pretty comfortable with them. The lantern is another matter. At one point it looked more like a medieval disco or a lowtech Tardis or something. It’s not that bad anymore but still…..  I left the background pretty simple and I’m happy with that decision. One thing I didn’t do but might add later on are the ropes holding the wood of the pallisade together.

On another note, my scanner likes me! I didn’t have to change anything! So happy.

The Goddes of Gloop

The Goddess of GloopFluid is the theme of the week for Illustration Friday.

I painted a little over the background on this one, because it looked way too sketchy compared to the rest. As usual it turned out a little duller than the real thing but not too badly. I got my scanner to behave nicely  so I didn’t have too spend a lot of time getting rid of oddness I didn’t put in there personally. But a proper good scanner or a good photograph would be so much better. What I think I will be doing is wait six months or so and look back at all the paintings I’ve done and touch up the ones that I think are worth it and get it scanned somewhere else.

:s just noticed I completely forgot to put any highlights on the hands and head. Tsk.  Oh well 😀