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Adora the little centaur girl

Portrait of a little centaur girl or kentauride enjoying all the spring flowers in the forest- Acrylic paint on paper 400 gr 12×16 inch-ish

This is Adora, daughter of Hanan Levin and you can find her and her various alter egos and disguises at growabrain
Thank you Hanan Levin for contacting me. it was fun to do and I hope some panda will enjoy his extra bowl of bamboo.

Still there

Still There – watercolour and pen on paper

Small watercolour painting of a young blond woman peeking through her hands trying to find out if the little guys that live in her pantry had enough time to find a hiding place.

The stock photo I used is from Phoeeb

I felt like painting something but didn’t really know what and then I remembered this photo. I started with that and apart from sketching in the shelves I figured out the rest while painting. This explains the difference in realism between the woman and the rest which was not intentional but I quite like it. Improvising also has a downside; please don’t mention the teapot :s

Me, I’m also still here but not in any cupboard or pantry. I’m stashed away on a boat for a little while house/boat sitting while the owners are on holiday. Very nice if a bit wobbly.