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Last month and the next one 1

little sketch of a dwarf mug

A month ago I was still in France, pretty much waiting around till I could leave and I spent a lot of time thinking about how to go about things when I got back to the Netherlands while listening to the Ninjamountain podcast( jay!). One thing I decided was that I would pick a few things and stick to those for at least six months gradually adding other things as I go along and not go rushing of like a crazy person while trying to do everything and having to give up most of them afterwards.

The rest of my life also needs sorting out however and I’ve been very busy with jobhunting. A month of looking through countless jobadds and writing letters later three companies have gotten back to me and I should know more on that front next week and hopefully start work. Nothing special but I will get a paycheck. There will also be a move in the next two months which will eat away a lot of time though it will be a real improvement.

So last month I’ve been busy with Illustration Friday and the Lyssa challenge at Artorder as you can see here on my blog and besides that I’ve been busy with several sketches and taking an hour a day simply drawing random stuff. The sketches include a map of a maze that I really want to do and a landscape with an eagle paraglider and I’ve almost finished a little piece of a sleeping goblin guard.

The landscape with the eagle gave me a lot of trouble and I decided that though I like doing them its not something that I’m going to be focussing on for now. So the landscape is scrapped and mister paraglider will be at a higher altitude with clouds beneath him. There are soooo many concept art landscapists out there, they can do the mountainviews, they’re better at it. Time wasted? Nah don’t think so, I rather find out now that landscapes are not my thing than after frustrating the hell out of myself for another year or so. I can always get back to it later.

This means that next month I will try to get further along with the paraglider (hopefully finished) and the maze( design 100%). I have several other ideas in various states of sketchiness but those will have to wait for now. And now for Artorder….

Muggs? Ok… Ehm yeah. I like the idea of doing a custom toy like that but now might not be the time. Think I’m going to take a few steps back. Let’s start with mentioning I never drew a D&D character in my life. So I’m going to start with that, do a normal painting and then maybe I’ll turn that image into a Mugg. Taking the long route probably means I won’t be submitting anything but we’ll see. I will keep the deadline for the Mugg as my deadline for the painting. It’s the learning that counts.