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Hi there,

Here are a few maps I did last year and never uploademap2-72dpid here.

They’re  done with ink and watercolor on paper and were part of a personal project I’m working on. My idea for the landscape has changed though so I can’t use it for that anymore. It was fun to do though, I really like imagining where everything is supposed to go and how a landscape might have evolved.









Little Star


little star painting acrylic

This is little star having some me-time in a quiet corner of a very big forest.

It hasn’t been very apparent in my artwork up till now but I absolutely adore rats. If it were possible I would have many many many pet rats. I can’t have rats right now and I miss that so I’ll be making up for it by painting them :)

Rats washing themselves are ridiculously cute and I had to do one 🙂

Reference for pose is from Pandemoniumfire.

Made with acrylics on paper. Original is a4-ish in size




Peacocks are beautiful, they are bright and colourful and shiny. The peahens however, are just as beautiful in their own way, just not that loud. I wanted to put the peahens in the spotlight for a change. I love all the greens and browns they have and the little chicks are adorable.At the petting zoo close to my (old)home they were usually found outside near the haystack so I could get some reasonable photos with my old camera.

Paper size is 18 by 24 cm – watercolour and ink on 300gr paper

Radagast the Young

Radagast the Young

Meet Radagast the Young. I met this delightful fellow at Castlefest where we agreed to do a  little photo session at a later date so I could paint a portrait. Here’s the result! The birds are nuthatches who nest in his beard or hair( hard to tell). I’m very happy with the result and so is the real life alter ego of Radagast named Koen. Radagast himself is undecided.

Radagast, young and old, is a great character to paint. Tolkien left a lot up to interpretation but the details he does give paint a great story.

Radagast lived for much of his time in Middle-earth at Rhosgobel in the Vales of Anduin, on the western eaves of Mirkwood, between Carrock and the Old Forest Road, near the Gladden Fields, its name deriving from Sindarin rhosc gobel meaning “brown village”. Radagast had a strong affinity for – and relationship with – wild animals, and it seemed his greatest concern was with the olvar and kelvar (flora and fauna) of Middle-earth. He was wiser than any Man in all things concerning herbs and beasts. It is said he spoke the many tongues of birds, and was a “master of shapes and changes of hue”. Radagast is also described by Gandalf as “never a traveller, unless driven by great need”, “a worthy Wizard”, and “honest”


It was a lot of fun to make this one. Before we did the photos I had it in my head to do a full body pose but it soon became clear that I’d much rather focus on the face to bring out the beard.It’s acrylic paint on paper and 30 by 40 cm.

Death by infection – The Long Dark

Digital work. This poor soul has died of an infected wound she got from a wolf bite. She fought the wolf off but she didn’t have any antiseptic or antibiotics so it was just a matter of time when the wound became infected. Concept fan art for The Long Dark

Digital work.
This poor soul has died of an infected wound she got from a wolf bite. She fought the wolf off but she didn’t have any antiseptic or antibiotics so it was just a matter of time when the wound became infected.
Concept fan art for The Long Dark

This is fan/concept art for a game I’ve been playing, The Long Dark. This game takes place in winter in Canada after some sort of disaster. You’re the only one there( currently)and all you find are corpses. Or rather corpse. It’s the same guy everywhere. This is normal it’s alpha and either there will be more diversity later on or they need to save space for all the other things they have planned. I just had the urge to see what I would come up with. In this case an infection got the better of her, but wolves, dehydration, starvation, food poisoning, freezing, fatigue and plain old gravity are also options. Really, it’s fun. It’s been a very long time since I tried to do something along the same vein as a specific style( consciously anyway) and it’s fun challenging and sometimes hard 🙂 The overall colors and style are the same as in the game though the art in TLD is far more stylized than what I’ve done here. The long Dark is a brilliant game by Hinterland. It’s still in alpha and early access. It’s already a highly playable and enjoyable game so check it out if you like first person survival minus zombies but with a lot of wilderness and campfires. Some crafting, some shooting, lots of wandering and dying in a variety of ways. The full game is due in 2015 Right now the sandbox is available but there will also be a story line The Long Dark

Pose based on reference from Silentgod88

Warning cave nymph ahead


This is my entry for the Nymph challenge over on Artorder.

She is a cave nymph and she used to frolick and dance about in the darkness to the sound of falling water. One day she got curious about the world outside and decide to climb up. As soon as the light hit her face she turned to stone. Till this day she stands there as a warning to all other cave nymphs about what happens to you when you decide to be a bit to adventurous.

You can see some process shots here on wipnation from me and a whole bunch of other people and this is the challenge article on Artorder link
Reference from RobynRose