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Adora the little centaur girl

Portrait of a little centaur girl or kentauride enjoying all the spring flowers in the forest- Acrylic paint on paper 400 gr 12×16 inch-ish

This is Adora, daughter of Hanan Levin and you can find her and her various alter egos and disguises at growabrain
Thank you Hanan Levin for contacting me. it was fun to do and I hope some panda will enjoy his extra bowl of bamboo.


Acrylic painting on A4 Paper, selfportrait

Here’s another one for Illustration Friday. The word of the week was capable and I went for the angle capable of making choices. So that’s me all tangled up in a bunch of ropes wondering wether or not I should use that knife or not.
I’m reasonable happy with it so far 🙂 It really helped having a good reference photo for once. I have to say it’s quite hard trying to take photo’s with one hand, holding a knife in the other all the while trying not to look crosseyed or too homicidal maniac like. The expression was important to me and though I didn’t get it quite right( in the photo I look less worried) in the painting it’s still close enough to what I was shooting for. Would like to finish this one off more but… after a month of scouring the job adds I finally have a job, possibly two, and I’m not sure how much daylight I have left to paint in so we’ll see.

Edit: updated with a more finished scanned version