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Time and space

Afloat across time and space.



I started thisĀ  because i wanted to do something with the passage of time, moons and stars. I wanted to give it a bit of depth so i had to be sure that the light and shadows would work well. As you can see i layered all the objects which helps as well. I made a rough mock up out of plasticine and toothpicks and made a photo to get an idea of the lighting. The couple was only added in after a few sketches because it felt like it needed something else. I like they’re in there, being all starcrossed and dramatic. I tried a few more detailed ones, more color etc but simple seemed to work best .
When i had decided on the details it was a very straightforward albeit long process .

I like how it came out with all the different shades and colors

It’s made with watercolors, colored and black ink and some gouache on 300gr paper. 18 by 24 cm